Our Values

  • We listen before we talk
  • We do what we say we do
  • We stand up for our believes
  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We add value
Organisations need to transform from "make-and-sell"
to "sense-and-respond"!
Haeckel & Nolan


Enabling you to become more responsive

Each company has its own unique strengths developed out of an original business idea and concept. Maintaining this uniqueness is getting harder and harder in an environment where velocitiy of change is constantly increasing.


Every organisation therefore has to improve its core capabilities and develop new ones - in short nothing less than permanently reinvent itself.

How can my organisation change faster and more successfully?

You need to strengthen those competencies, that initiate and implement innovation. Such a "Learning Organisation" relies on three main capabilities:


  • Sensing and Feedback
  • Excellence Management
  • Service Orientation


Our role as coach, advisor or active solution provider is to help you uncover your hidden potential, address known problems or identify your "blind spot" to effectively reduce it.