Da Vinci Principles

  • Relentless Curiosity
  • Learn from Demonstration
  • Refine your Senses
  • Accept Paradox & Uncertainity
  • Use Logic and Imagination
  • Cultivate Grace & Fitness
  • Apply System Thinking


"How to think like Leonardo", Michael J. Gelb,

Business development is continuous, systematic discovery!


Logic and Imagination

Systematic business and organisational development combines fact orientation with imagination and disciplined action.

Leonardo da VinciĀ“s work is the best evidence that the virtues he believed in are the source of exceptional growth. The parallels to successful organisational development are so obvious that we use it as a guideline for our work.


Active Sensing

  • Curiosity:   Prerequisite to Innovation
    Unlock the curiosity potential of your employees 
  • Demonstration:   Learning by Doing
    Do you do enough "pilots" and how well do you learn from them?
  • Sensing:   Filter of Relevance
    The synthesis of experience and targeted curiosity 

Courageous Interpretation: 

  • Logic & Imagination:   Vision & Strategy
    Imagination without logic is dreaming and logic without imagination cannot create enough enthusiasm to put ideas into reality.
  • Paradox:   Never say Never
    Constantly expand your view and perspective beyond your current  frame of reference or predictability, thus taking calculated risks.

Disciplined Action:

  • Grace & Fitness:   Excellence and Ethics
    Who you want to be and how you want to act is a question of choice. But once you have chosen your positioning, you should live up to it.
  • System Thinking:   More than the sum of the parts
    Leave the habit of linear projections and establish a network of self-regulating subsystems.